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Round 4 of the Buy Phentramin-D At Walmartwas held on Saturday at the Keysoe Equestrian Centre where, no doubt for many of the youngsters, the highlight was the entertaining run through the water splash!

For the mens senior and veterans team, and despite the squad suffering some late withdrawals, we still produced a solid team performance in Match 4. The Veteran men’s’ team are just 6 points ahead of local rivals Watford Harriers and the Senior men are 69 points off 4th place. If we can field the strongest possible squad at the 5th and final match, we should clinch another Veteran men’s’ title and at least 4th in the Senior men’s overall score.

Damian Nevins was 2nd, the ever-reliable Jim Cooper in 20th., Kevin Fini in heavy marathon training was a solid 43rd place. Declan Traynor, Peter Norris and Samuel Fenn all clinched top 100 finishes. Chris Finill suffered from some calf issues but still finished just outside the top 100.

Graeme Jones, Nick Andrews and Steve Bland were the final scorers. Jason Kabel giving his calf a good test and Kevin Concannon fitting in some post-race Harrow Half-marathon planning were both in the top 200. New club middle-distance coach Tom Morris was guesting once again and continued his consistent season in 336th position.

Seniors overall After 4 matches

1 Marshall Milton Keynes AC 8662
2 Bedford and County AC 7921
3 Wycombe Phoenix 6447
4 Chiltern Harriers 6370
5 Harrow AC 6301

Veteran Men Team After 4 matches

1 Harrow AC 2644
2 Watford Harriers 2638
3 Headington Road Runners 2395

The final round 5 of this years league will be at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes on 9th February with the senior mens race at the earlier time of 1.30pm.

Buy Phentermine Hcl Online

On Sunday at the Lee Valley stadium in the London Games, Nia Wedderburn-Goodison ran 7.68s for 60m to break both the U15 and U17 Harrow records.

This superb performance also places Nia 9th on the UK all time rankings U15 with the fastest time by any U15 athlete in the UK for the last 10 years!

Rayne Tapper also made the final with an excellent 7.98 in her first season as U15. Well done girls!