London Marathon

Amongst certain Club members Chris Finill has a reputation (and nickname!) for being made of slightly tougher stuff than your average Joe. On Sunday he went and proved to us all over again as to why he’s earned that legendary status as he ran around 36Km of the 42 with not just one break to his arm but two! His 2018 marathon story unfolds below –

His first 5Km split was just over 20 mins and Chris knew this was a bit too enthusistic so eased off the gas to cruising speed – this is after all the athlete who has run 36 London marathons in under 3 hours – he knows what he’s doing. However his cruise control was knocked out of gear as another runner managed to trip him from behind 🙁 

Chris fell heavily cutting up his knee but took the brunt of the fall on his arm and suffered 2 fractures to his Humerus (uppper arm to you and me). Not knowing the extent of his injury he managed to pull himself up and tried to run on and continued up the road. Another runner, seeing what had happened and the sorry state he was now in, advised Chris to stop and seek medical attention. Chris stopped at the St John Ambulance and they patched him up as best they could with a sling around his shoulder and arm and off he set almost oblivious to the pain but desparate to keep his 38 year London streak alive!

For those following the progress of Harrow athletes and family members on the smart phone app, it was clear that Chris was not having a stellar marathon by his standards with the reason becoming all to apparent at 21 miles which is where I saw him from the other side of the road as I waited to see Hayley (5:44 as your asking 😉 Afterwards Chris said his legs were OK but admitted that he was in a lot of pain but this didn’t stop him from reaching the finish in a quite marvellous 3:54. Well done Chris and I sincerely hope 2019’s marathon is a bit easier on you!

Other Harrow athletes that took to Londons streets included Lucy Ashe who I understand picked up a chest infection in the days leading up to the race but still managed to run 3:11:10 no doubt also suffering in the high temperatures as all the runners did. Steve Bland had a great run to finish in 3:32:13 and Nicola Ashe also had a fine run recording 3:44:40! Keith Foley, reportedly short on training, managed to run 4:47:46 and young Ellen Rose-Senior also ran in with 4:49:59. Well done all – we applaud your fine efforts!

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