NWLL Cross Country at Greenford

The first North West London League match of the cross country season was held at Greenford in warm sunny conditions – ideal for summer athletics but not for cross country.  Congratulations to all those who competed in the races (U11 to U17), especially those in their first competition.  Remember to look to improve on your own performance in the next race, which is more important than the place you came. 

In U11s, Julian Luiz was an impressive 3rd with 3 athletes in the top 30.  Both U11 girls came in the top 30, with Emiley Axtell a good 14th on her debut.

Joshua Luiz led the U13 boys home after a late surge to 14th, with Oliver MacGonigal 16th and Zach Atek 17th (making the team 4th).  There were 3 more boys in the top 30, making the Harrow ‘B’ team 8th (and the first of the B teams).  A strong showing by the U13 boys.

The U13 girls found it warm, but still had 2 in the top 30 in what looks like the most competitive age group.

Christopher Hudson was narrowly beaten into 2nd place in a sprint to the line in the U15 boys – no doubt looking for revenge next match. 

Sofia Latham continued the improvement shown over summer in coming through to 12th in the U15 girls, and with 2 more in the top 30, the team came 7th. Christopher Morris finished just outside the top 10 in the U17 boys.

Thanks to the team managers and parents – it is not often so kind to spectators!  There are also some match photos here  https://photos.app.goo.gl/u79uzJp9bYs5WbFH7

If you are interested in competing, please contact the relevant age group winter team manager here.

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