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Our senior mens team competed in the National cross-country championships in Mansfield on Saturday November 4th.

The 5km course made up of two legs saw a record number of 250 teams starting the first leg, Damian Nevins ran a solid 1st leg as he led the team off to finish in 40th position. Chris Jones ran a good 2nd leg of 18:47 followed by Jonny Hill in leg 3 -making his senior winter debut – who started quickly to finish in a time of 18:43. Jim Cooper continued his comeback with a strong leg 4-largely running on his own- gaining 5 places and bringing the team home in a credible 59th place out of 178 teams.

Leg 1  40th    Damian Nevins     16:40
Leg 2 62nd    Chris Jones            18:47
Leg 3 64th     Jonathan Hill        18:43
Leg 4 59th     Jim Cooper            18:10

Yes, I know Halloween has already passed…. 😉

Purchase Phentermine In Mexico

In very pleasant conditions, Round 2 of the NWLL was held today at Kingsbury in conjunction with the North of the Thames and Lyddiard Trophy races – see the team managers report below for the senior mens team;

On a dry but undulating course and fielding a team for both events ending up 6th in the NoT and 7th in the Liddiard. The squad produced some good performances. Chris Jones produced a strong run on his first cross-country outing of the year running 27:17. He was well supported by Mark Cursons (first v55) in 28:34 with Declan Traynor close behind in 28:57 placing 30th and 38th.

Jas Patti, making his debut on the grass, and Nick Andrews (8th v45) were inside the top 100 closely followed by Steve Bland and Jason Kabel (12th v45) narrowly outside the top 100. Tom Morris (8th v55) brought the team home in 137th. Buy Phentermine Hcl.

We should get the NWLL results within a day or 2 and in the meantime here are a few photos from the days action (2 pages).

Buy Phentermine Hcl Online

Last Saturday in blustery conditions, some of the senior squad took part at the Non Prescription Phentermine Online at Wormwood Scrubs on a course of approximately 2.8 miles.

The ‘A’ team had a good start as we were in 4th position after leg 1 run by Damian Nevins. Jim Cooper, who is slowly returning to fitness, ran 15.42 but lost a few places before handing over in 12th place to Declan Traynor who, along with leg 3 runner Graeme Jones, ran under 17 minutes for the team to finish a very respectable 17th place out of 44 teams.

The ‘B’ team had the 400m/800m specialist Dean Goodman making a gradual comeback in leg 1 posting a time of 18.21 finishing in 48th place. Avi Brown ran a good second leg of 16.54 to gain 7 places with Joe Gammell and Nick Andrews in legs 3 and 4 gaining a few more places to secure 39th place.

Cheap Phentermine Without A Prescription

Oxford and the infamous Shotover Hill was the venue for this years opening Phentermine Online From Mexicowith good conditions prevailing – same as last year.

Damians report for the seniors is below and modesty prevents him from mentioning the excellent 6th place finish he recorded in 29.41 which was within a minute of the leader – well done Damian and everyone else who ran!

“The first match in Oxford saw Glen Wright-Colopy in 33rd, Jim Cooper returning from injury in 55nd with Mark Cursons, Chris Finill and Declan Traynor securing top 100 places. We welcomed back Avi Brown after 3 years and Tim Fenn made his senior debut both placing inside the top 150. Quite a few of the squad were returning from injury so 8th place for the senior men was respectable. We welcome back some runners for match 2 so will hope to climb the table”.

All athletes are very welcome and encouraged to turn out for the Club where the second round fixture will be held at Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes.