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On Saturday, the Senior men’s squad fielded 2 complete teams in Phentermine India Buy with the ‘A’ team finishing a superb 15th – the Club’s best result since 2007’s 12th place.

Neil Johnston ran a strong first leg to hand over to Neil McCartan in 22nd place who picked off another 2 places. Third leg runner Conall Kirk flew past another 5 runners leaving last leg Damian Nevins to hang onto 15th place. The ‘B’ team finished a respectable 70th place out of 153 teams. First leg runner Jim Cooper was in 80th position as he handed over to Noor Mohamoud who along with Joe Gammell and Jonny Hill worked through the field to make up 10 places.

The Senior women fell foul of the sickness bug in the Bland household as they were unable to field a full team. First leg runner, middle-distance specialist Laura O’Connor suffered an ankle sprain early on but battled on to hand over to Eilish O’Grady in 65th place. The steeplechaser stormed through the field coming home in 40th place. A top 50 place was on the cards!



Buy Phentermine Hcl

At the Buy Discount Phentermine Online cross-country championships on Saturday November 17th at Kingsbury, Harrow’s Senior men’s ‘A’ team placed a respectable 10th and the ‘B’ team 24th out of 25 teams.

Jim Cooper led the way with a top 20 finish, well supported by the Chris Jones on his return from injury in 32nd, Peter Norris slowly returning to form in 61st. Nick Andrews had a good run in 65th, with Steve Bland also inside the top 100. Danny Watkins, Jason Kabel and Tom Morris completed the team. Mike Lepps made a welcome return to racing and bagged a top 10 place in the v55 category.

The women’s team suffered from some late withdrawls due to injury and illness so it was left to mother and daughter Mary and Katie Watkins to battle it out for bragging rights- mum winning by 7 seconds!

Non Prescription Phentermine Online

Congratulations to the U13 and U15 Girls teams for representing the club at the SEAA cross-country relays on October 20th at Wormwood Scrubs. 

The team enjoyed the different format and a large field.


U13G team (28th)       U15G team (26th)    
No Name Leg Time Leg   No Name Leg Time Leg
86 Bethany Kunjasic 09:08 1   95 Hettie Grimes 08:58 1
94 Cary Adams 09:26 2   70 Sofia Latham 08:25 2
68 Kayla Saunders 08:43 3   92 Holly Kunjasic 08:52 3