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Silver medals for Luke Roach-Christie and Marilyn Nwawulor were the highlights of a good set of Harrow Athletic Club results in the British Universities Championships at Bedford last weekend.

Luke took silver in the shot with a solid putt of 15.09, following 15.16 in the qualifying round. Marilyn was second in the 100 metres, a fast 11.83.

Decathlete Saoirse Chinery-Edoo was in great early-season form, setting personal bests in the high jump (1.80) and discus (42.48). He also cleared a useful 3.40 in the pole vault. Ashley Hill clocked a fast 54.20 in the 400 metres hurdles while Andrew Holliman ran well for 1.55.56 in the 800 metres. Jonathan Collier was just below his best in the 5000 metres, with 16.05.91, while Jordan Duvigneau clocked a fast 11.15 in the 100 metres.

Chelsea Shurland showed good form in running 58.56 for 400 metres.

The national league season gets under way this weekend with the men’s British League Division Two team in action at Basingstoke while the women’s National Division Three team, under new manager Laura Turner-Alleyne, begins its season in Bedford.