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Harrow Athletic Club is celebrating after winning ten county titles, and 15 other medals, in the Middlesex County Championships at Lee Valley on Saturday.

Two of the Club’s top sprinters returned to action after injury and both claimed gold medals. Omar Grant grabbed the senior 200 metres title, ahead of brother Jerwayne, while national champion Kesi Oludoyitook the under 17 100 metres. Nikita Poplawski won the under 20 400 metres hurdles title while Salim Muhammed took the 100 metres bronze.

Eugenie Brown won the under 20 200 metres title and also took silver in the 100 metres. Georgie Floyd won the javelin with an impressive 36.46.

Ellie Chandler continues to impress in the hammer and and she won the under 17 title with an excellent 48.28. Sophie Dowson cleared 3.10 to take the pole vault, with Megan Bailey taking silver, while Sophie Fung won the under 15 title with 2.30m.

Jade Spencer-Smith won two under 13 silvers, in the hurdles and long jump, while Cartier Yearwood also struck silver, in the 200 metres.