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Our first Phentermine India Buy fixture at home saw Harrow romp away with a clear win ahead of league rivals Woking!

On the day they were helped in no small way by the return, following 5 years away from competition, of Scottish International Iain Park in the Hammer Throw – welcome back Iain!

The team now sit atop the league table and must be looking forward to their next match on the 20th June which takes place at Copthall Stadium (or Allianz Park for the newbies :))

May 31 top

May 31 lowerxx



Buy Phentermine Hcl

Harrow Athletic Club completed its Southern Athletic League season with a massive victory in Hemel Hempstead but results elsewhere meant that promotion was missed by just one place, writes Tony Bush.

Harrow scored a handsome 244 points to beat nearest rivals St. Albans by 89 points, with Newham and Dacorum trailing, to record its fourth consecutive victory but a disappointing first round result at Oxford in April meant they were always playing ‘catch up’ and they finished the season in third spot with only the top two being promoted to Division One.

Tom Nichols and Richard Carr both enjoyed double victories, with Tom taking the high jump and sprint hurdles, and Richard winning both long and triple jumps. There were also field event victories for Dave Sketchley in the javelin and Dave Norris in the hammer.

On the track, Omar Grant took the 200 metres but damaged his back doing so and was unable to join Harrow’s winning sprint relay team. Philip Benson won the 800 metres, Andy Holliman led all the way to dominate the 1500 metres and Chad McLeod took the 400 metres hurdles, while the 4 x 400m relay squad completed a comfortable victory.

There were fewer victories in what was an excellent all-round performance from the women’s squad. Sarah Brown won the 1500 metres, held during torrential rain, and also took second spot in the 3000 metres. Lucy Rann won the javelin and also took second place in the shot.

Harrow’s 2014 League campaign concludes with the final round of the men’s British League in Bath on Saturday (9 August), with a strong squad seeking to consolidate its fourth position in the eight strong National Division Two.

Buy Discount Phentermine Online

Harrow Athletic Club made the most of home advantage to record a massive victory in the second round of the Southern Athletics League at Bannister on Saturday.

The local Club pulled out all the stops to collect 240 points, beating nearest rivals Ipswich by 59 points with Ealing and Peterborough more than 100 points behind.

The men’s team won 12 of the 19 events, headed by a man-of-the-match performance by Andrew Howell, who took the 400 metres hurdles in a fast 52.3 . Salim Muhammed and Jerwayne Grant enjoyed clear sprint victories while Luke Hunt took the steeplechase.

Chris Alexis was in great form, taking the long jump with 6.76 and the triple jump with a superb 14.22. Shane McDonald won the high jump with an impressive 1.95.

Dave Sketchley produced his best throw for two years to win the javelin with 60.39 and there were also throws victories for Andy Lewis (shot), Sheeth Khan (discus) and David Norris (hammer).

Emily Antcliffe set a new personal best in winning the 3000 metres in 10.35.2 and she also took the 1500 metres. Eugenie Brown was a double sprints winner while Lyndsey Fairweather took the 800 metres and Maria Hill won the steeplechase.

Ellie Chandler produced a great throw of 43.38 to win the hammer while there were also throws victories for Angela Mitchell (discus) and Georgie Floyd (javelin). Stephanie Broomhead took the high jump whileSophie Dowson won the pole vault.

This victory moves Harrow up to fifth in the League table with the top two gaining promotion to Division One.