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Harrow Athletic Club’s junior (under-20) women’s squad made a great start to its Chiltern League campaign with a narrow victory in Watford’s Cassiobury Park on Saturday, writes Tony Bush.

Megan Wilson was Harrow’s leading runner, in seventh spot, and she was well-supported by Marella Whitfield (11th), Eilish O’Grady (13th) and Rachel Ayrton (30th), as Harrow won by two points from Wycombe and Chiltern.

Emily Antcliffe was Harrow’s top runner in the senior women’s event, placing 18th, while Lilian Cottrellwas 22nd in the under-15 event and Sophie Peters finished an excellent 12th in the under-13 race. Eve O’Goan was a good 13th in the under-11 event.

The senior men’s team was severely depleted by injury and unavailability and could manage only ninth team place, its worst result for many years.

Matt Carey was Harrow’s leading runner, in 26th spot (below his best), while Philip Benson ran well for 30th spot. Mark Cursons, who finished 50th overall, was third in the over-50 category.

Sam Bickerstaff continued his excellent early season form to finish third in the under-13 category. Laurence Edwards also ran well for tenth spot, as Harrow took fourth place in this age group.

Frederick Cryan finished 18th in the under-17 race, Jaquhar took 27th spot in the under-15 event andChris Hudson placed 18th in the under-11 race.

Phentermine Online Australia

Harrow Athletic Club’s Marella Whitfield continued her superb season by winning two medals in the Hertfordshire County championships at Watford on Saturday, taking the under 17 800 metres title in 2.20.63 and grabbing silver in the 400 metres.

Emily Russell was also in fine form, winning the under 15 hurdles, while Brittany-Anne Wiggan took bronze in the 100 metres. Kim Osuji won the under 20 discus title with a good 33.60m.