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Harrow Athletic Club’s elite women strengthened their promotion prospects with another good second place in the UK Women’s League National Division Three fixture at Stevenage on Sunday.

Heptathlete Marilyn Nwawulor led the way with a triple win, taking the sprint hurdles in 14.44, the long jump with 5.67 and the shot with 11.13. She also anchored the sprint relay team to victory. Gemma Malster finished second in the 100 metres and third in the longer sprint while Eva Mack‘s fast 2.16.19 gave her second spot in the 800 metres.

Veteran Angela Mitchell won the discus with 36.47 while Emma Gayler took second in the triple jump.

Harrow are in second spot in the League table, five points clear of third, with one fixture remaining.

Purchase Phentermine In Mexico

Harrow Athletic Club’s women’s squad made a great start to their UK Women’s League promotion campaign, with a strong second place in the opening round of the League at a soggy Bedford on Saturday.

Inspired by their new team manager, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Laura Turner-Alleyne, the team finished just six point behind hosts Bedford, but well clear of third of third-placed Liverpool.

International heptathlete Marilyn Nwawulor was the star of the show, winning the 100 metres and sprint hurdles, in fast times of 11.92 and 14.17. She also placed second in the long jump and anchored the winning sprint relay team.

Emma Gayler made an impressive debut for Harrow, winning the triple jump with (10.85) and the ‘B’ long jump with 5.47. Kat Thomas took the ‘B’ triple jump with 10.56 while Georgia Nwawulor placed second in the high jump with a good 1.65.

Lucy Rann was also on song in her debut, winning the shot with 9.80 and scoring good points in the discus and javelin. Georgie Floyd won the ‘B’ string javelin while Sally Webster took the ‘B’ shot.

Emily Ancliffe showed that she had recovered well from an impressive London marathon debut, where she clocked 3.05, to take second spot in the 3000 metres in a fast 10.40.87. Eva Mack took silver in the 800 metres, with a fast 2.19.32, while Lyndsey Fairweather won the ‘B’ string with 2.25.52. Lucy Spray finished second in the 400 metres hurdles while Rebecca Miles won the ‘B’ string.