NWLL Fixture 2018

Harrow is hosting the North West London League fixture on Saturday, 17th February, 2018 at Bannisters Sports stadium.

We need additional volunteers to assist with marshalling the course so please contact Ian Farr or Mike Lepps if you can assist.


The race timetable is below – please attend 30 minutes before the first race at 12.00

       All times after the first race are approximate………..

       12-00  noon.               Girls under 11  

        =  1200 m       1-3/4 laps of start/finish field                                   


        12-15 pm. apx    Girls under 13 with Boys under 11    

         =  2000 m      1 lap of start field 1 lap of track field back to finish


       12-35 pm. apx           Girls under 15 with Boys under 13

        =  3000 m      1 lap of start field, 2 laps of track field return to finish


       1-00 pm. apx    Women under 17 with Boys Under 15

        = 4000 m       1 lap of start field,  1 lap of track field, repeat first field, repeat track field then return to finish


       1-25 pm. apx Men under 17

       = 4700 m    2 laps of start field, 1 lap of track field, 1 lap of start field, 1 lap of track field then to finish


Course Maps

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