Confirmed Summer fixtures for the 2021 season:

 DateEventVenueAge Group  
MaySunday 30thYDL - UAGBannister U20 U17
JuneSaturday 5thYDL - LAGLinford Christie U15 U13
Sunday 6thNALLee ValleyS U20 U17**
Sunday 20thSALBannistersS U20 U17
Sunday 27thYDL - UAGPerivale U20 U17
JulySunday 4thNALStonex Stadium (Copthall)S U20 U17**
Monday 5thVets L.Stevenage V
Sunday 11thSALUxbridgeS U20 U17
Saturday 17thYDL - LAGWoodson Park U15 U13
Sunday 25thYDL - UAGStevenageU20 U17
Monday 26thVets L.HarrowV
AugustSunday 8thNALWoodford (or Stonex)S U20 U17**
Saturday 14thYDL - LAGEtonU15 U13
Sunday 15thSALPerivale S U20 U17
Saturday 28thNALStonex Stadium (Copthall)S U20 U17**
SeptemberSunday 5thYDL - UAGCopthallU20 U17
Monday 6thVets L.Lee ValleyV
Saturday 11thSALParliament Hill S U20 U17

** under17s are potentially eligible to compete but they are subject to reaching certain standards.
*** denotes that the fixture date and or venue is not yet confirmed

Age groups (always male and female exc Harrow AC Schools CC)

V veterans
S seniors
J juniors
17 under 17
15 under 15
13 under 13
11 under 11
18 16 14 12 10 under 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 school age groups
J and V only used when separate events otherwise senior races always include juniors and veterans

Veterans League 2021

Please select here for the schedule of events to be held at the 3 Veterans League fixtures in 2021.

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