Joining Harrow A.C.

Harrow AC is open to athletes of all abilities from age eight through to veterans.




Trials/trying out coached sessions

Membership of the Club is by application. and for some younger age groups the Club can be oversubscribed.

If you or your children are interested in joining the Club, details for introductory/trial sessions for new members are available here.



We have a variety of teams competing in local, regional and national leagues throughout the winter and summer seasons and a number of our members have gained international honours.



Coached training sessions take place weekly, usually at the Bannister Sports Centre (Uxbridge Road, Harrow Weald, HA3 6SW – click/tap here to see a map). During winter months some sessions take place indoors.

If you require more information please contact us here.


Joining and membership fees

November 2019: The Committee has decided to change the Clubs subscription year from January-December to April-March to come into line with that of English Athletics. From 2020 annual subscriptions will be due on 1 April rather than 1 January previously. All members that have paid their 2019 subscription will have their membership extended through to March 2020.

As a consequence, from 2020 the clubs annual accounts will be drawn up for the period April-March instead of the calendar year as at present.

To join the Club you are asked to complete a Membership Application Form and pay a Joining Fee.

The Membership Application Form and fee details are online here

The Membership Fee is the annual subscription paid by members to fund the Club’s coaching and competition activities (including registration with England Athletics for a competition license for anyone 11 yearsor older);

NB: Please note that a separate one-off payment (£18) is required for a Club competition vest.

Individual Membership (1st claim athletes – ie, where Harrow AC is the primary club)

Age Group Joining Fee‘Young’ athlete (aged under 20 at 31st December) or full time student/unemployed £50Senior athlete (aged 20+ at 31st December) excluding above categories £65

All athletes are expected to pay their full annual membership fee in January of each year following their joining the Club. The annual membership fee includes the EA registration fee which is payable each year. For information on annual subscriptions refer here.

2nd claim athletes (who are continuing members of another athletic club but wish to also join Harrow AC): a £10 reduction on each of the above fees is applied.


A family discount is available where more than one family member is joining the Club at the same time.

The discount applies to the subscription, not the purchase of competition vests, and is 10% for two family members, 20% for three, 30% for four, etc.

No family is expected to pay more than £148 for their total subscription component (ie, excluding payments for competition vests).

Family joining fees are not straightforward to work out but our Membership Secretary will readily do this for you on enquiry.

The joining fee includes registration with England Athletics (EA), the governing body for athletics in England, for a competition licence which is required for all athletes aged 11 years and older.

EA subsequently sends confirmation of membership and a license number on a personal membership card, by post, to all athletes aged 11 or over.

Please be patient as this can take several weeks before arriving (because registration and issue of cards by EA is completed in large batches rather than individually to limit administration costs). Athletes can check their current EA registration status and number by clicking here.

If you need your competition license number urgently for entry into a particular competition, contact the Club’s membership secretary at


Competition vest

The purchase of a competition vest is not included in the joining fee.

Men’s and women’s vests are available in small, medium and large sizes for children and adults, respectively and cost £18.

Womens “crop top” style are also available at a cost of £20.

Vests should be collected from Jim Cooper

Harrow AC branded clothing is also now available online @ Kukri.

Track fees at the Bannister Sports Centre

Please note that the Club does not own or manage the stadium itself.

Therefore, for coached sessions held at the Bannister Sports Centre, there is a separate charge (a “track fee”) made by the centre’s management company for use of Bannister’s facilities.

This is payable at the Bannister Sports Centre reception office on either a per-session or yearly basis.

If you regularly attend, the latter works out much cheaper and a discount is available for members of Harrow A.C..

Click/tap here for details of costs and general contact information. For more detailed contact info, visit this page.

Finally, please also ensure that you read the Anti-doping guidelines which all athletes should be aware of.

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