5K Time Trials

Middle distance coach Damian has been busy both organising and running in the 5km time trials for squad members and the first of these was held yesterday at varous athlete chosen locations – stats below:

  • Damian Nevins                 16:13
  • Luke Hunt                           16:24
  • Phil Benson                        16:40
  • Micheal O’Sullivan         17:02
  • Adam Towle                       17:21
  • Dave Branfoot                   17:22
  • Curtis Stevens                   17:40
  • Luca Matharu                    17:49
  • Reece Freeman                 18:05
  • Malik Johnson                   19:25
  • Nick Andrews                    19:41
  • Jared Richard                     19:56
  • Sofia Latham                      19:57
  • Jason Kabel                        21:28
  • Hollie Ford                          23:20
  • Stefanio Noris                   49:53

As Damian suggests: These are a good opportunity to keep in touch with your competitive juices! There are unlikely to be any races in the near future so I have set some Saturday sessions as time trials. Find a good fast course on road and repeat the course to track your progress! I would like to everyone to share their times with the group.

  • February 13th 3km time trial
  • February 27th- 5km time trial
  • March 13th- 3km time trial
  • March 27th- 5km time trial
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