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The curtains came down on the Phentermine Online Australiaseason yesterday with the final round 5 held at Trent Park. For the senior and veteran men there were rewarding league victories and the teams are well placed to progress to Div 2 status for next winters season – well done all especially the new members!

For the ladies team its also been very encouraging to see increased numbers of athletes joining and competing for the Club and we must look forward to getting a squad out for the Southern 6 stage relays next month.

On a relentlessly undulating over some proper cross-country mud, Trent park provided a fitting finale to this season’s Met league. Damian Nevins led the team home in 37th closely followed by the improving David Lawrence in 58th. Just behind him was Kevin Fini who had his best performance of the year in 61st. Russell McGavock running in trail shoes did well to place 70th. Declan Traynor also ran impressively in 83rd leading Jim Cooper (88th), Dave Branfoot in 93rd who was making a return from injury and Terry Mackin in 100th place. Chris Finill, Laurance Edwards, Micheal O’Sullivan, Mark Cursons and Adam Towle – making a big step up from the last match -all sealed top 200 places. Radu Oparuc made a strong club debut in 216th place ahead of Nick Andrews in 244th, and the returning John Bignall in 274th. Jason Kabel enjoyed himself in 337th position, with Rob Hawkes and Noor Mohamoud bringing the squad home in 347th and 371st place respectively.

In the individual standings there were some excellent results. Chris Finill secured 1st place overall in the v60 standings to reward another consistent season. Jim Cooper was agonisingly close to Gold in the v45 individual standings just 4 points off the title. Declan Traynor was 7th in the v40 standings rewarding his strong season.

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The Club was in action again on Saturday for what was a challenging course full of hills and mud at the Alexandra Palace venue for Phentermine Online Reviews

The Senior Women were first of the senior races to churn through the three-lap course, leaving a lovely trail of destruction for the men an hour later.  Normally running in the U20s races, a late return to Uni meant we gained the youthful skills of Rachael Haddow. A storming start gave Rachael a strong lead for the first two laps but a love of muddy downhills (equal only to her dislike of muddy uphills) meant team manager Gill Bland managed to gain back ground gradually. After running neck and neck for a while, they worked together to eventually finishing just one place apart with Gill in 62nd (37:13) and Rachael in 64th (4th in the U20 category 37:25).

Having commented last week that the course was ‘too flat’ Nicky Payne ate up those hills, passing many runners as she powered up and onwards to finish in 97th (39:55). After a 20 year hiatus in her Harrow AC career, Jo Finill was back on the start line as she made her XC debut. Having been raised in an XC-running household and a hilly neighbourhood, Jo was unphased by the undulating course, running 40:16 to come home in 102nd and set the challenge for her dad, Chris who was racing for the Senior Men. After answering a late call-up to serve her club and not fully into training yet, we salute Lesley Mcardle who, despite injuring herself in the warmup, shrugged off her grazes saying ‘the mud will seal them up’ and worked her way round the course to finish in 150th  (43:23). We currently sit 7th in division 3 

Damian Nevins made his Met league debut in 25th surviving a VAR review for suspected foul play on the finish line with Paul Molyneux snapping at his heels in 34th place despite dealing with a protruding spike for the whole race. Luke Hunt (4th v40) continued his fine form this season to seal a top 50 place. Gradually returning to his best form Jim Cooper (2nd v45) had his best Met league race in 67th, and Mark Mellor had a good run on tired legs finishing 75th.

Fresh from an indoor 3km pb, Kevin Fini was inside the top 100, with the improving Declan Traynor (111th and 8th v40) and Laurance Edwards with another consistent run (142nd and 4th U20) bringing the team home. Sean Ledger made a welcome return to the team in 155th place even though his footing was compromised running in trail shoes in his first race back. Ever reliable and consistent Chris Finill (1st v60) closed the veteran’s team in 176th.

Chris Jones found the latter part course of the race especially tough going but still finished inside the top 200 closely followed by Micheal O’Sullivan who fought his way around the course. Alan Wray returned to team coming home in 236th and new member Adam Towle who was also making his debut over cross-country had a baptism of fire on a challenging course to finish 253rd.

Kevin Concannon and Tom Morris both had solid runs as they finished close to one another in 447th and 457th place respectively. We hope to see them at Match 5 along with many others who were unavailable for this match.. After seeing how easy the course looked, Jag Mathura (father to young athletes Luca and Olvia) made a last-minute decision to run as a guest to place 363rd on a good Met league debut.

Senior men Div 3 league positions:

Rank Club Claybury Welwyn Uxbridge Ally Pally Total
1 Harrow AC 927 1220 1132 1191 4470
2 Highgate Harriers ‘C’ 763 1148 1062 1117 4090
3 London Front Runners ‘B’ 622 941 852 539 2954

Veteran men Div 3 league positions:

Rank Club Claybury Welwyn Uxbridge Ally Pally Total
1 Harrow AC 218 257 199 183 857
2 London Front Runners ‘B’ 191 215 176 141 723
3 Hillingdon ‘C’ 156 183 128 98 562

An extremely wet, slippy-slidey Alexandra Palace course awaited Harrow’s juniors on Saturday. The never-ending mud splattered ups and downs were tackled by some strong, young runners looking to push our teams further up the Met League’s tables.

The U11 girls moved up to 8th place in the team rankings with a 6th place finish on the day. Sofia Cestaro put in a great run in her new spikes finishing 8th within a few seconds of the top 5 and pipping two Woodford Green girls on the line. Hannah McCarthy took 21st place and Miley Brown followed up with an 11th place amongst the 9 year old runners.

The U13 boys are in 12th but in a very close battle for placings up to 7th. The team scored 45 points and only the same number of points separates them from Trent Park in 7th. Dylan Robert continues to improve his placings and led the team in 21st finishing in under 14 minutes. He was less than 30 seconds off the top 10. Arinze Ofurum was 36th and Dion Hubert was a few seconds behind him in 42nd. 

The U13 gilrs dropped from 6th to 7th in the overall standings finishing 9th on the day. Kayla Saunders ran sub 13 minutes and took 17th place for the team. Emily Axtell was just over a minute behind in 38th and Ruby Kunjasic within a minute of her in 43rd.

The Junior men are tied in the overall standings in 10th place with Trent Park. The next race is at Trent Park so our team will have their work cut out trying to keep pace with them to the end of the season. Chris Hudson is trying his best to help the team leading them in 12th place. Luca Matharu is continuing to improve on his form finishing 8th in his age category and 24th overall. Reece Freeman also helped the team with a top 50 overall place and 23rd in his age category. 

The Junion women are also neck and neck in 10th place overall, sharing their position with Victoria Park. Sofia Latham won the ongoing battle between the Harrow U15 girls finishing in 38th, 21st in her category, 10 seconds ahead of Holly Kunjasic who was 3 seconds ahead of Olivia Matharu. Their ongoing battle and continue to drive the team to great results. Bethany Kunjasic was just over a minute behind them helping the team in their ongoing effort to clinch a top 10 place by the end of the season.

Further photos online at the following links: Buy Discount Phentermine Online Buy Phentramin-D At Walmart & Buy Phentermine Hcl Online

Axcion Phentermine Online

The first race of the 2020, the Cheap Phentermine Without A Prescription took place today at Wormwood scrubs. Advertised as 12km- unconfirmed reports have the distance at 12.5 km (sorry Nick Andrews!). The race was won by GB international Nick Goolab sporting a new hairstyle and sauntering to a win by nearly a minute. I (Ed: Damian) worked with his PE teacher for a year and if I had a pound for every time he mentioned his name…. 😉

Damian Nevins finished 18th and was happy to finish (whether he can run tomorrow is another matter). Jim Cooper (27th) used every bit of his cross-country nous to claw back the fast improving Terry Mackin (30th) who had a flying start- this v45 rivalry is set to run and run! Declan Traynor began conservatively and then stormed through the field in the last lap to seal a top 40 position. This was a good run despite the sever lack of obstacles – just the solitary large twig for him to jump over per lap. Chris Finill continued his solid season finishing in 63rd as he gets ready for latest assault on the London Marathon. Nick Andrews warmed up in lap 1 flying through the field as he overtook many runners who has forgotten it was a 12km race- to seal a top 100 place ahead of club rival Steve Bland (106th). Steve has a unique and efficient method of cleaning his spikes post-race- ask when you next see him!

In the U20s women’s race Rachael Haddow was back from university and gave a fine performance over 6k to finish in 14th place, running 27:14. The category was won by Yasmin Marghini of Herne Hill in 23:53.

The Senior women  had 8k of the flat, boggy course to contend with and it was their race that provided the most exciting finish of the day as Gintare Juknyte (Aldershot) pipped Anna Hollingsworth (Serpentine) on the line to finish just a second apart in 33:45 and 46 respectively.

Our own Lucy Ashe made a fine form to the year, putting it all out there to chase down the leading pack and place 6th in a storming time of 34:34. The rest of the Harrow ladies finished within minutes of each other, as Nicky Payne lead them home in 40 minutes flat for 41st place, despite voicing complaints about how flat the course was. I’m sure we can rectify that at Alexandra Palace Nicky! Within mud-flicking distance were Ellen Rose-Senior in 44th (40:37) and Jennifer Keal (41:54) resulting in a solid placing of 7th overall for the team.

In the Junior mens race Laurance Edwards and Chris Morris continued their rivalry with Laurance getting the better of Chris this time in a sprint finish!

The junior teams brought back two medals to Harrow from the Championships. It was really tough work for the juniors across a relentlessly windy quagmire of a course!

Both the girls and boys Under 11 teams took third place. For the girls Katherine Norrington led the team with a great 13th place. Sofia Cestaro managed a top 20 finish on her debut despite having to run in trainers instead of spikes. Nisha Evans who was only one second behind Sofia and Lola Ajala also helped the team to third place.

Thomas Jessop led the boys in 13th with Cameron Bristow and Charlie Robert battling it out for 19th and 20th. Shayan Yadav also pitched in to earn the bronze.

Annabelle Suffield achieved a brilliant top 10 finish for the U13s just 30 seconds off the top 3. Kayla Saunders was inside the top 20 with Rania Ansari and Ruby Kunjasic running well in very difficult conditions.

The U13 boys were unlucky to miss out on a medal with our top 3 runners, Max DadomoMichael Cattini and Dylan Robert, finishing in the first 25. Zakeria Atek and Arinze Ofurum finshed well despite the mud and wind.

Sofia Latham made the top 20 in the U15s. Olivia Mathuru and sisters Holly and Bethany Kunjasic also battled for the team over 4 cold and boggy kilometres.

Luca Matharu was just 8 seconds outside the top 10 for the U15 boys. Alex McKenna completed the 2-man Harrow team which was one runner short of a placing in the overall team scores.

Chris Hudson was our only representative in the U17s. He came a respectable 13th, just 14 seconds off the top 10.

Elsewhere, at the Herts CC championships on Sunday, Emily Axtell placed 21st in the U13 girls race in 13:46.

Buy Phentermine Online Nz

  • Normal schedule this week – (no javelin Wednesday)
  • Saturday 21st – All Middle distance groups, Javelin, and Richard/Steve’s MBS group
  • Monday 23rd – All Middle distance groups, Richard/Steve’s MBS group
  • Saturday 28th – All Middle distance groups, Javelin, and Richard/Steve’s MBS group
  • w/b Monday 6th normal schedule

Beginners Group (8-11 yrs old) –  Indoors last session on Wednesday 18th December 2019.  Starts again on Monday 6th January – there are some spaces – mail Phentermine 15 Mg Capsules Buy for information and to reserve a place.