Mile & 3K Open Meeting

Last night saw the final open meeting run by the Club at the Bannister stadium for this season and once again there was a great turnout by athletes desparate for some quality racing!

All eyes were on the track as no field events were held this time, instead focusing on the classic 1 mile distance plus another series of 3Km races.

However this was not to be without its own additional excitement as there was to be a world record attempt by Belfast athlete David Clarke, who was hoping to break the M60 world record he narrowly missed last week and which currently stands at 9:29.47.

As heat 6 of the 3Km race set off, Harrow athlete David Lawrence kindly stepped in after having run the mile earlier (4:35.91) to be the pace maker for David. By now the air temperature had cooled and it was noticable that many athletes were not hitting the times they had hoped for and so it was to be for David. His final time was a very worthy 9:34.65 and he was appreciative of the support provided by all the athletes, officials and watching fans! Better luck next time David 🙂

David Clarke at Bannister Stadium in the 3Km world record attempt.
Photo by Mike Lepps
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