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For those of you who live in Harrow you may have spotted an article on Pinner athlete Emma Hilton in the April edition of “Harrow People”. Having been the recipient of a heart transplant at the tender young age of 12, Emma has gone onto compete in the World Transplant Games and is currently coached by Steve Allen at the Bannister track and training for this years games in Malaga. We wish her well and you can read the full Phentermine Online Reviews!


Buy Discount Phentermine Online

Our last winter race of the season left us frustrated despite our best efforts. A few late withdrawals meant we were just short of fielding a full team. Our 10 runners still had a good day out at the sunny but windy Gravesend cyclo-park course. With short legs of 2.6 and long legs of 4 miles, the course was undulating and very windy in parts but saw some strong runs from the squad.

Special thanks to Paul McGrath who was on standby until a few days before the race and made a good club debut. Sean Ledger also helped the team out despite working his way back to full fitness. He only agreed to run as his girlfriend was due to race. However she ended up pulling out due to illness but Sean still made the journey to Kent!

Results –

Leg 1 27th Jim Cooper 21:35
Leg 2  23rd Damian Nevins 13:58
Leg 3 32nd Luke Hunt 23:45
Leg 4 39th Jason Kabel 17:49
Leg 5 39th Mark Cursons 23:52
Leg 6 38th Alan Wray 15:30
Leg 7 37th Graeme Jones 23:18
Leg 8 37th Noor Mohamoud 15:59
Leg 9 36th Sean Ledger 24:02
Leg 10 37th Paul McGrath 18:39


Buy Phentermine Hcl Online

The Club hosted the Harrow Borough trials today for the London Mini Marathon event which is due on 23rd April on the morning of the London Marathon.

Well done to all the athletes who ran and many thanks to all the volunteers and helpers who came along today to make the event run smoothly.

The results are now available Non Prescription Phentermine Online. Ps: would Callum Smyth in the U17’s event please contact Mike Lepps asap.

Can You Buy Phentermine In The Uk

Congratulations to Teepee Princewill who set a new Club under 20 triple jump record of 15.35 on 5 March in Cardiff.  The previous record of 15.26 was set in 2011 by James Okeyemi. 

The oldest Club record, set in 1979 by Richard Philps, is the senior triple jump record of 15.47.  This could go in 2017, with both Teepee and Tony Daffurn in contention to go beyond 15.47.