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Saturday saw round 3 of the Buy Phentermine Hcl Online held in decent conditions at local venue Uxbridge and, for the seniors at least, included the infamous river crossing!

Paul Molyneux (2 weeks post-marathon) made an impressive club debut coming through strongly to seal a top 30 spot. Callum Choules continued his excellent season to claim another top 40 placing. Mark Mellor ran well to finish in the top 50 with David Lawrence, Jim Cooper, Kevin Fini and Terry Mackin making a return to the mud after 25 years (see below) all inside the top 100. Chris Morris and Laurance Edwards both having turned 18 recently continued their rivalry in 102nd and 123rd.

Declan Traynor despite another week of working nights was inside the top 200. Micheal O’Sullivan made a strong cross-country debut in 180th. Nick Andrews (256th) and Steve Bland (276th) continued their tussle with Jason Kabel (362nd) and Tom Morris bringing the team home in 434th and just in time for the team photo!

For our junior athletes at Uxbridge who were faced with steep hills, boggy fields and the river for some, there were some fine individual performances which sent teams surging up the overall rankings tables. Round 3 of the Met League saw Max, Annabelle and Kayla all managing fine top 10 finishes and all teams except for one now sit in the top 10 of the overall standings.

Charlie Robert put in another good performance for the U11 boys finishing in under 10 minutes with Shayan Yadav just a few seconds behind him helping the team to jump ahead of Enfield and Herts in the overall standings.

Hannah McCarthy led the way for the U11 girls team finishing in exactly 10 minutes with Isabelle Marsh running her close again just 5 seconds back. Nancy White and Marwa Hirawi also did a great job finishing for the team to push them up to 7th place on the day.

Max Dadamo took a superb 4th place, within 20 seconds of victory and 10 seconds off 2nd place for the U13 boys. Dylan Robert and Oliver Southon also finished well within the top half with Henry White, Michael Cattini and William Hobbs making it a really strong squad performance taking 4th place on the day and pushing the team up 5 places in the overall standings.

Similarly the U13 girls team finished fourth and jumped up to 6th in the overall standings thanks to an amazing two top ten finishes from Annabelle Suffield and Kayla Saunders, plus Rania Ansari, Emily Axtell, Bianca Jamal and Ruby Kunjasic all contributing for the team.

Reece Freeman was 4th in his age category in the Junior men’s race with Finley Hart not far off the top ten. Alexander McKenna, Samaar Jhooti and Arjun Gill finished well but a depleted squad meant that the team has slipped to 10th place overall.

The Junior Women have made it into the top 10. Great efforts again from Holly Kunjasic, Olivia Martharu and Bethany Kunjasic within a minute of each other. Sofia Latham was also in that group, and Esher Jhooti ensured the team scored well.

Below are photos from the senior mens race – mostly taken at the river crossing, well done to all those who ran!

 Additional photos and videos of the junior races are here  Phentermine Online From Mexico and for the ladies Buy Cheap Adipex-P and men Buy Phentermine Online Nz

Phentermine 37.5Mg 90 Pills

Congrats to Mark Cursons and Chris Finill who both finished third in their respective v55 and v60 Southern masters XC championships at Oxford today. Chris was just 15 seconds off of winning and Mark was delighted with his 3rd places especially considering his recent injury troubles.

Buy Adipex Cheap

Last Saturday (23rd) at the Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine, saw the 3rd cross country fixture in 3 weeks which led to a depleted team turning up to run in the stickiest mud so far – at least the rain paused for the races! 

So congratulations to these fighters: Hannah, Issy, Miley, Kayla, Kyra, Emiley, Holly, Shannon, Bethany, Charlie and Dylan.

More photos online Buy Adipex Cheap Online

Cheapest Phentermine Pills

On Saturday Jim Cooper and his army of loyal lieutenants road-tested (in preparation for the Southern xc champs in February) the iconic Parliament Hil, venue once again for the Buy Phentermine 37.5 Usa. It’s stood up to its reputation as one of the most undulating xc courses in the UK. There was plenty of mud and undulations over the 10km course.

Chris Jones had a fine first xc race of the season running Jim Cooper close. Steve Bland and Nick Andrews had a titanic tussle where marathon took on 800 metres with the latter just edging it and helping the team to 27th place! John Hinchin and Bruno Croford continued their seasons with some solid runs.

Lucy Ashe came a fine 9th place in her first xc outing of the season. She was well supported by Nicola Payne, Ellen Rose-Senior and Jennifer Keal who all placed inside the top 200. This solid team effort saw the team place 19th overall.

New York Marathon
Mark Mellor ran a fine 2:42:53 last week not far off his personal best. Mark will be looking to carry this form into the third Met xc league in a few weeks time.

The Club has one free place for the 2020 London Marathon.  There will be a draw for the place open to any Club member so email Ian Farr by end of Saturday 30th November if you wish to be included.